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Kitchen scales AU 4300

Body material — Plastic;
Main color — White;
Auto power off — +;
Working surface material — Strained glass;
Maximum weight, kg — 5;
Division value, g — 1;


Max 5 kg

The maximum permissible load of 5 kg and high weighing accuracy (value of division to 1 g) allow you to prepare dishes of any complexity. The glass surface of the scales is very easy to clean.

Rubberized legs

Increased stability due to non-slip rubber legs.

"Thin" scales

Due to its low height, glass scales does not take up much space and are convenient for storage.

Taring. Weighing liquids and products

A large display with large numbers will make weighing more convenient. The ability to measure the volume of fluid. The taring function allows you to consistently add ingredients to one container, measuring the weight of each of them.

• The glass surface of the scales AU4300 is very easy to clean. 
• Wide, comfortable base can accommodate up to 5 kg. 
• The automatic shut-off function allows you to stay focused on the cooking process. 
• High weighing accuracy (graduation increments 1g) will allow you to prepare more complex dishes. 
• The tare function allows you to add ingredients to one container by measuring the weight of each of them.

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Body material
Main color
Auto power off
Working surface material
Strained glass
Maximum weight, kg
Division value, g
Auto reset to zero
Control type
Power element
CR 2032
Rubberized legs
Display backlight
Thickness of the working surface, mm
Overload indication
Sequential measurement
g, ml, oz