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Multicooker AU 252

Power, W — 700;
Body material — Plastic;
Main color — Black;
Length of power cord, m — 1;
Cord storage compartment — -;
Auto power off — +;

Safe use

The multicooker opening button is located on the lid handle. You can fix the lid in open position (90º).

Automatic steam release

The main purpose of the steam valve is to release excess steam, preventing heat from escaping in order to keep food hot. The glass lid makes it possible to observe and control the cooking process.

Condensate receiver

When opening the multicooker lid, the accumulated condensate flows into a special container - a condensate receiver. After each use of the multicookers, you must  remove, rinse, dry and installed the condensate receiver back. 

• Compact and stylish multicooker AU252 for cooking simple, tasty, healthy and varied meals every day. Healthy eating is easy! 
• A large 5L bowl with non-stick coating. 
• With the Delayed Start function, your dishes will be cooked exactly at the selected time. 
• The function of maintaining the temperature will help to keep the prepared meals hot for up to 24 hours. 
• 30 pre-installed cooking programmes + manual Multicooking mode, in which you set the parameters by yourself. Cooking is easy! 
• A set of accessories (spatula, ladle, measuring cup, steaming container and a recipe book) will make using this multicooker easy and fast.

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Power, W
Body material
Main color
Length of power cord, m
Cord storage compartment
Auto power off
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Non stick surface
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Temperature adjustment
Protection from accidental turning on
Keeping warm
Manual mode
Recipe book
Viewing window
Non heating bowl handles
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